Online Coaching

Online Coaching

I am committed to delivering the best coaching service I can to all clients, both in-person and those across the globe via online coaching.

If your goal is to get stronger, leaner, curvier or more jacked, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Online Coaching?

Online Coaching is an email-based method of delivering you training guidance and support, at a fraction of the cost of in-person training.

What to Expect:

– Thorough initial consultation, including goal setting, injury and training history, limitations and specific needs

– Individualized training program based on your goals, training experience, lifestyle and personal preferences

– Customized macronutrient, diet and lifestyle coaching as required

– Weekly check-ins via email

How It Works

As an online client, you’ll have access to your training program online via a private folder. In this folder, you’ll also find all of our existing training history: relevant measurements, progress photos, current and past 1RMs, etc.

Each program is updated on a weekly basis. Sets, reps and loads will be modified as necessary. Changes can be made to a program at any time in the case of injuries or any other practical limitations.

I require that each client fills in their training log by the end of the week (as early as possible), as a feedback tool for subsequent training weeks.

Additionally, videos of specific lifts must be recorded and set for technique feedback as needed.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    ⇣ Does Online Coaching Really Work?


    Online Coaching is a very effective method of training for those who would like to work with me directly, but can’t do so due to geographical limitations.

    My online clients get just as much individual guidance as my in-person ones do, and any feedback from them is regularly taken into account in program design.

    ⇣ Who Is Your Ideal Client?

    I work primarily with females looking to increase general and specific strength, as well as those interested in improving body composition or health.

    Although I enjoy working with people of all fitness levels, Online Coaching is best suited for individuals with a little weight training experience under their belt.

    ⇣ What Is The Minimum Required Commitment?

    A first-time client is required to sign up for a minimum of 3 months, after which services can be renewed on a monthly basis.

    A lot of work goes into the initial consultation and individualized programming for each client, which is why 12-weeks is the minimum amount of time I requirefrom clients.

    With that said, it also allows you ample time to reap the benefits of the training program and/or diet and lifestyle changes.

    ⇣ How Much Does It Cost?

    Currently, Online Coaching is billed monthly with a fixed price of $150 CAD.

    The initial 3-month introductory rate is $400 CAD for the entire period.

    ⇣ How Do You Accept Payment?

    Payments can be made directly through your online banking services, or Paypal.

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