The Absolute WORST Thing For Your Health (And Everyone Else’s)

The Absolute WORST Thing For Your Health (And Everyone Else’s)

Mar 3, 2017

Having been a part of the health and fitness industry for quite a while now, I’ve discovered the one thing that is killing all of us very slowly. It’s not dairy. It’s not carbs. Heck, it’s not even gluten.

It’s hate.

It’s when we see somebody doing a particular exercise that we don’t like and mutter “that’s stupid” behind their backs. It’s when we label our approach as superior and look at everyone else as if they’re below us. It’s when we intrusively and negatively criticize where we are not welcome. It’s this that is founded in evil and provides no room for growth.

Let me make something very clear to all of you (although it already is pretty obvious): we live on the FATTEST continent in the world. People’s backs are killing them, their breaths are short, and many of them can’t even recall the last time that they ran after a ball. But despite these shortcomings, they’re trying hard to fix this problem with gym memberships and diets -although they may appear lost at times, their intentions to better themselves are great.

And every single time their already-intimidated minds hear the words “what you’re doing is useless” when they’re exercising or “this plan that I’m about to show you is the ONLY way” with regards to eating, their motivation to be healthy dissipates and our nation’s already deadly obesity epidemic becomes even worse.

We need to shift our focus and come from a place of love.

We need to acknowledge that what works for us may not necessarily work for them. We need to offer our criticism in a more respectful manner. We need to realize that people will only be compelled to live a healthy life through the means that they enjoy most and THAT’S what’s going to change them for the better.

Exercise and dieting can take on many forms. We’re never all going to agree. But that doesn’t mean our choices are better or more effective than our fellow person’s. It’s just different. And that’s a good thing.

Whether it be CrossFit, Zumba, Bodybuilding, In-Home Workouts, Eating Vegan, Eating Paleo, or just generally Eating Better- make sure you’re in love with what you’re doing. You will reap the rewards of a stronger body and a happier life. This I promise you.

Until Next Time, Kyan Parandeh

Kyan has been a Certified Personal Trainer for 5 years. He has an extensive background in Kinesiology and specializes in strongman movements and firefighter-specific training in Toronto, On. If you’d like to get in touch with him, you can email him at